Some things I say and do.


OKR: I guide stakeholders in reexamining their preconceived solutions by helping to identify their objectives and key results through robust immersions and clear scoping.
Agile & Waterfall: (Agifall? Waterfile?) Clients, projects, and teams inform my approach, but however we get it done, I build buy-in, ownership, and pride in our process.
Scope: Keeping our eye on the prize (and price), I keep teams and clients zeroed in on our goals …
MVP & Phase 2: … and track features for MVP and later phases. I document it all.
Oxford Commas: I’m a die-hard for the Oxford Comma. ‘Punctuation Saves Lives!’


Roadmaps: Working with our client and our team, I create product roadmaps that meet stakeholder priorities, are based in research, use measurable KPIs, and are adaptable.
Emojis: Sometimes words fail, and the emoji doesn’t exist (yet). I solve that.
Wireframes: Data-first! My wireframes are more than boxes and lorem ipsum.
Research: I want all the information! I facilitate user research, and competitive and market fit analyses.
Flows: Using OKRs as our North Star, I describe and map how users move through products.


Inclusion: Designing for an inclusive world is nuanced. We have to balance our clients’ preferences with social equality, our personal moral and ethical choices with the cultural context for which we are designing.
Silly: Being silly is the redeeming quality of humanity. I love it when humans are goofy solely for the joy it brings.