Andy VanderLinde
Andy VanderLinde
A Director of Product Management


As a Jay-of-all-Trades, I’m willing to jump in and try it all. This has given me the opportunity to work on fun and complex projects. I’ve done user research, user experience, design, and development. Below are a few examples of my recent product stories.





Agencies big and small often share a common challenge: staying fresh. Noticing HZ’s website was sorely outdated, I spearheaded a complete redesign. I lead a small group of our agency’s top creatives and developers through everything from UX, visual design, and prototyping. I art directed the project at every step of the way to ensure quality, consistency, and ownability.


Salesforce, the world’s #1 cloud platform for business is now the world’s #1 cloud platform for nonprofits and educational institutions. My team at HZDG was tasked with redesigning to convey their mission and showcase the benefits of their platform. I was responsible for art direction, UX, visual design, and prototyping.

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District Wharf

Located in Southwest DC, The Wharf was looking to re energize its reputation—to position itself as an exciting destination in its own right that can stand alongside other historic communities within the nation’s capital. The first step was a new website that showcased a more modern and desirable side of the neighborhood. I designed a responsive digital experience that leveraged an established brand and contextual imagery to help reintroduce The Wharf to the rest of DC and beyond.



Uma App.png


These wireframes represent client's goals for a user booking a conference room with the AI engine. I designed the wireframes, sharing them with designers and clarifying questions for developers.

Walker’s Legacy

The Walker's Legacy Foundation app is a platform that builds a community of like-minded people, connects you to Walker’s Legacy's business collective, and provides resources and information to better yourself as a diverse woman entrepreneur! A new mobile e-learning app with daily inspiration, access to latest articles e-learning programs, including a chat with classmates. The prototype was essential for honing in on client’s goals and tweaking designs and flow. The final product was beautiful and easy to use.

Pippin Foods

In response to user feedback and client concern, I created flow and UX to improve store managers' access to information for the fresh produce app. I worked with developers to clarify key objectives and prioritize features

Solomon’s Shield

A mobile application to guide participants in managing police engagements. The app targets black men to assist with de-escalating police confrontations. I guided discussions around creating tips for managing police interactions, with an intention of building empathy between parties. Brainstorming for future releases includes expanding the service to use live streaming services in other risky environments such as women traveling alone. It can serve as a deterrent, acting as another self-defense skill. Live streaming could assist with police forces that don’t have the budget for body cams but would utilize them if they did.

Blossom - Your Career App

We are proud to present this project for the Access to Education project, which will change the way students discover their path beyond high school and into higher education. High schools students can explore possibilities after graduation and be presented them with scholarship opportunities to assist them in pursuing the next degree.